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Welcome to Doogie's Place. This is my personal website where you can find everything you need to know about my Saturday radio show: Back on the Beat. For more than 40 years I covered the local and national political scene. From Presidents Nixon to Obama, from Governors Stratton to Blagojevich, I have had a front row seat.

Doogie's Place offers a new perspective on my personal experiences; the people and events I have covered, and the friends I have made through the years.

Why “Doogie”? The original “Doogie” was a cousin; a tough old Army Sergeant in the Tank Corps. He provided immense help to me when I dropped out of high school and needed a job. He took me up to Fort Knox, Ky. to live with him and gave me a new start. Later when we would swap stories at NBC5 he was often a subject. I became “Cousin Doogie” and later my colleagues shortened it to “Doogie” and the name stuck. (Long before “Doogie Hauser” came to TV).

I retired from television in 2006 but WCPT called and offered me a radio show with the freedom to say what I pleased. I had a political itch that I had to scratch and “Back on the Beat” was born. I renewed my love affair with radio where I began. It is liberating. With rapidly changing, historical political events taking place there is a need for more than a 2-minute sound bite and a perspective steeped in history. So I hope you will join us every Saturday from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm CT for a thoughtful, progressive, engaging discussion of real issues. Callers and guests always create a lively show. In case you miss it, my "Back on the Beat" weekly show along with monthly show archives are available on my podcasts page.

So kick back, join me in a good cigar, listen to some podcasts and enjoy your visit to Doogie's Place, home of "Back on the Beat" radio. Thanks for stopping by.



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